Some people aspire.
Democrats in Lincoln County New Mexico
make it happen.
R&R =


...As many new voters, Declined to States and Independents as possible.

Registration sites are at parades, ENMU, Mescalero and more. 

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​The DPLC identifies and supports new candidates who can represent us locally and statewide.

​Although Democrats are outnumbered in our county, we feel confident that our platform is gaining traction.

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There's a team in your area already working toward 2018 in one way or another.

The more organized our party effort is, the more victorious Democratic candidates will be in election cycles.

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One of our members believes...

Our society, which is changing technologically and culturally much more quickly than at any time in history, must continually adapt socially to those changes. Liberalism embodies the process of making those adaptations while conservatism tends to strive to maintain the status quo."

Nina Grunseth, Democratic Party of Lincoln County Chair