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DPLC Highway 70 One Mile Trash Pickup

The State of New Mexico has two highway signs on Highway 70, acknowledging that the Lincoln County Democratic Party does trash removal on the one mile between the signs. This is free advertising for the DPLC. We’ve lately been somewhat derelict in doing this trash pickup (with the Covid Virus and the elections) but we caught up on February 10, 2021. We picked up more trash on that day than we’ve ever picked up in the 19 years I’ve been involved: 30 large bags of trash plus some items too big or bulky to put in bags. It took us from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. before the last person got away. It was dirty work and a lot of bending over. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone was injured - just tired.

Thank you to everyone who participated. See us all in the photo at right (except Tony Davis who took the pictures-but he also picked up trash).



The trash picker-uppers were:

Sara Ball, Betsy Burnett, Richard Cintron,

Tony Davis, Wolfgang Diem, Carolyn Dullum, Roger Dullum, Brenda Kasuboski, Paula Madrilles, Dick Mastin, Milly Mastin, Margo McKee,

Linda Perkins, Sam Ponder, and Daryl Snyder.

Thank you all.
—Dick Mastin



Good Day and Greetings Citizens from the
Democratic Party of Lincoln County, New Mexico (DPLC)


     We Democrats stand undivided, as equals, for democracy’s values in the United States of America and all its states and territories. As you may know, the DPLC adopted the democratic values to respect, rebuild and reunite Americans in furtherance of a more perfect union for its 2020 campaign theme.


     In 2021, we are starting over with a new two-year and four-year election cycle. In order to broaden and deepen the DPLC’s effectiveness in representing registered Democrats, our current members want more participants from throughout Lincoln County. We don’t charge dues; we are currently conducting Strategy Committee Meetings and monthly Membership meetings on Zoom. We communicate as a network through occasional phone/video chats, emails, texts, and US mail. We have a Facebook page and a website (www.DPLCNM.org).


     Our DPLC membership is diverse, living throughout Lincoln County, in or near the unique communities of Carrizozo, Corona, Nogal, Capital, Lincoln, Hondo, Ruidoso Downs, Ruidoso and Alto. Our members will conduct voter registration drives throughout Lincoln County and begin to recruit interested citizens to consider “throwing their hat in the ring” for municipal, county and state elective and appointive positions in government. It is our wish to encourage them and their supporters to become active in the Democratic Party of Lincoln County.


     DPLC members support and contribute to advising local, state and nationally elected officials through the DPLC, other associations, and individually. Our members recruit, meet and vet political candidates and endorse qualified Democrats for public offices. Members are registered Democrats who want to learn more about government, its effects on our lives day to day and for our lifetimes in Lincoln County, in local, state and national (federal) jurisdictions. We believe in participative democracy where our thoughts and voices contribute to the public dialogue and striving to make a noticeable difference in outcomes.

Primary and General Election campaigns are organized undertakings by candidates and their advisors and supporters to market candidacies through voter registration, educational and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigns. The DPLC endeavors to get more Democrats on the ballot, which means to support and encourage qualified registered Democrats to declare their candidacies. The DPLC can assist candidates to plan and execute the vast person-to-person and multi-media contacts necessary as well as to attract voter commitments. Ultimately, the DPLC will secure votes.


     Democratic Party of Lincoln County members are volunteers protecting and defending our democracy’s values, and we are reaching out to all like-minded citizens to join us.


Charmaine O’Rourke 

Acting Chair & Secretary, DPLC                             

Claudia Armendariz

1st Vice Chair, DPLC

Alicia Lopez

Treasurer, DPLC

Moving CD2 and New Mexico Forward

  • Attend events or monthly party meetings

  • Write to your representatives and your local press​

  • Help register new voters

  • Recommend and support local candidates

  • Become active in the 2022 efforts

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