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Recent observation by DPLC Member.

Let’s end the debate on the Biden “Build Back Better” bill. We’re worth it, Americans.

We’re worth our federal government investing $2.8 trillion over the next decade in the President’s Build Back Better investment plan now being considered by Congress.

Congress spent some $7+ trillion of Americans’ tax dollars fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11…that is after George W. Bush and the Republicans declared that Americans were “victims” of some far-away shadowy enclave of enemy masterminds.

Victimhood for two decades has cost Americans vast treasure and quality of life. It’s time to reject American victimhood and return to endeavoring to protect our democracy and improve the quality of all our lives in America.

It’s time for Congress to invest in Americans, and for Republicans and a few tail feathers of the Democrats to stop seeing Americans as victims and irresponsible losers incapable of being responsible citizens.

Let’s elect politicians who believe Americans are intrinsically good citizens wanting our political leaders to invest our tax dollars to improve the quality of all our lives and to curtail environmental degradation.

We want political leaders who will stay in their lanes and operate honest effective local, state and national governments, and who will quit trying to impose any cultural supremacy through government action.

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